URTFC has partnered with an amazing company that puts philanthropy first. Do they come second? No, but they make sure to take care of creators, fans, and other businesses even before themselves. U R The Future Charity is proud to announce our partnership with Forcer. You can download their app here. Please do not just do them a favor, but do yourself an incredible service and download!

More Influencers rising to the challenge for URTFC

There are so many amazing things to say about Forcer. They have an amazing app that puts creators and fans first. They put most of their funds into creators no matter if they are the biggest, or just creating content for fun. Imagine being in a country where your family has made $40 a week your whole life and then you make a few videos and are able to double your quality of life. That is the Forcer dream.

Let’s talk about Forcer’s Creator Village. This is very valuable land in Malibu and it was just donated to Creators and Influencers to create content and do charity work. Everyone has had so much fun there that we wanted to bring the experience to fans. We asked if Forcer would create a system to do just that. If you become a member of Creator Village, part of your membership goes to URTFC, part goes to Creators, and the rest goes to the system to allow fans to partake in exclusive content, meet and greets, and much more. Become A member here.

We at URTFC can go on and on about how amazing Forcer is, but find out for yourself. Go read all about their philanthropy here.

Imagine getting a $5 or a $20 Creator Village membership. Then finding out on top of the amazing exclusive content, you also are helping the world. Come out to exclusive meet and greets, come volunteer and clean up beaches, or feed the hungry with your favorite creators. Be one of the first philanthropists to get a membership and get the chance of doing charity work side by side with your favorite Influencer. Volunteer sign up sheet is here

Showing excitement for the URTFC challenge for Equality

There are so many negatives in the world, but there are also so many fans, influencers, and businesses working hard to help charities outweigh the negatives with positives. Over this next year, you will see more and more videos of what we accomplish together.

Check out all of our Community Outreach here and imagine yourself doing those with your favorite influencers. What is better than helping the world with amazing people? Below is an example of us working together, all we are missing is you!


Set up a recurring Donation for URTFC here

Become a Creator Village Member here (20% goes to charity).