Welcome To UR Future

U R The Future Charity (URTFC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our Tax ID is 47-2024054.

Everybody: “Will you sum up what your charity does?”

URTFC: “Yes, we do everything, our only limit is the Imagination of everyone helping us.”

Everybody: “What is everything?”

URTFC: “Well, everything is connected through Self-Worth, so we literally Elevate positive Self-Worth in everyone to reduce every problem in the world.”

Everybody: “Will you give me an example?”

URTFC: “Yes, let’s say we want to end homlessness. If we only go and Help the people who are currently homeless, will we help people in the future from becoming homeless? Let’s say we want to end murder, rape, inequality, or any of the negative cycles, should we only focus on them after they happen? At URTFC, our innovative Self-Worth program will help after the negative cycle has accrued, but with your help we will also go to the root of every negative cycle and reduce (eventually eliminate) all negative cycles. There is no negative cycle we can not reduce exponentially and/or eliminate.”

Everybody: “Ok, so you help everyone and you prevent or reduce everything as well! Amazing!”

Take a journey through our website and explore our broad vision designed to encourage your Imagination. As long as we all work together, we will achieve a future this world deserves for all. Become a Gardener for our Future and help us grow it into one this world deserves for all.