Welcome To Your Future!

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the change! Our Future does not seem to be on the correct path. With your help, we will correct the course and create a future this world deserves for all. Imagine a world with no racism, child abuse, rape, inequality, mental illness, murder, and all the other negatives.

Please set up a monthly recurring donation here: https://urtfc.org/donate. One-time donations are amazing, but we get more sponsors based on your recurring support.

Our mission at URTFC is to positively elevate Self-Worth in all. Self-Worth is knowing you matter and the internal drive to become the best version of yourself. We do this through Opportunities, Education, and Commitment. Our unique and broad program can be applied to everything in the world. To help end negatives or to take positives and elevate them. We literally can do anything, and that makes everything better.

As times have changed into an online world, our organization is now fully involved in the social media world. We just started the #InequalityChallenge campaign and received over 50 million imprints in 1 week. Our personal relationships with thousands of top influencers and the Forcer.ly social media platform will propel our important mission to the next level. Download Forcer.ly if you haven’t already because we’ll be doing exclusive charitable content and giveaways with them.

Over the next year, we will be going out once a week with 20-30 top influencers to raise awareness for every negative in the world. We will then use that awareness to fundraise for each issue we’re battling. 60-90 days after raising the funds for each cause, we will implement our Self-Worth program to that cause and create effective, lasting change. Here is a list of a few of the causes we are starting with. The Feeding The Homeless section is a clear example of what we will do, except on a bigger scale and over 100 videos for each cause with 100’s of millions of views. Community Outreach

How can you help? Follow each of our social media on the bottom of our website here: https://urtfc.org

Another way you can help is to do a charity fundraiser for us once a month. Read our Charity Fundraiser Blog here on how to create a Facebook giving campaign for us, how to create an Instagram donate post, an Instagram Live fundraiser, how to fundraise with Forcer.ly, and how to put our PayPal link on all social media.

The last way to help us fundraise is to #hashtag URTFC and @URTFC when possible. This will help us acquire more sponsors.

Stay tuned for monthly updates through your email and current updates on all our social media.

And as always, remember, U R The Future!