Help Request

Help Request

U R The Future Charity is inclusive and will help elevate the Self-Worth in everyone.

Our first step is to help you find your current Self-Worth. Then, we help you find the right Opportunity to elevate your Self-Worth. Finally, we help with the resources to obtain that Opportunity.

We will help with anything we can, including reference letters, food, transportation, apparel, start-up funds, rehabilitation, and counseling.

We will team up with every industry so we can help with everything that elevates Self-Worth, including but not limited to, internships, training, reference letters, food, transportation, apparel, rehabilitation, counseling, cruises, events, theme park tickets, mentorships, internships, networking, donations, and everything else that elevates Self-Worth.

There are no acceptable excuses for people not to get out there and start their Opportunities because URTFC and our proud partners, sponsors, and friends will provide whatever is needed to start. With the help of our Gardens and Gardeners, we will have the resources to accommodate each person’s needs.

To request help, please email us at [email protected] and include:

  • Your name, number, & address
  • Send us a copy of your Self-Worth, “UR URTFC Essay”
  • A list of Opportunities you want
  • What you need from us to obtain and succeed at those Opportunities
  • A written self-guarantee that you will do your best and stay Committed

If approved, we will send you an acceptance letter on our official letterhead.