Help Request

U R The Future Charity is inclusive and will help elevate the Self-Worth in everyone.

Do you need help? Let’s find the right Opportunity to elevate your Self-Worth.

We help with everything, including reference letters, food, transportation, apparel, start-up funds, rehabilitation, counseling, and everything else. If we do not currently have what you need, hold on, we are working on it.

We are teaming up with every industry so we can help with everything that elevates Self-Worth, including but not limited to, internships, training, reference letters, food, transportation, apparel, rehabilitation, counseling, cruises, events, theme park tickets, mentorships, internships, networking, donations, and everything else that elevates Self-Worth.

URTFC and our Gardeners will not just give you fish, but also teach you to fish so we can all eat.

If approved, we will send you an acceptance letter on our official letterhead.

To request help, please fill out the following form: