U R The Future Charity understands that Education is one of the 3 most important factors to positively Elevate your Self-Worth.

URTFC’s Education includes, but is not limited to Self-WORTH: What is it and why is it Important. The importance of Opportunities, Education, and Commitment plus why they are important. The importance of a “Work Together” mentality and how “Teaching a person how to fish” is more beneficial than only doing for them. We also implement Gardeners values and Principles when they provide Opportunities or elevate theirs if they are outdated.

Education can be learned from every Opportunity you receive and everything that you do.

Education is not enough, Without Opportunities and staying Committed, you will not Grow to your best version of yourself.

We work with each Gardener to make sure you are Educated on the benefits of the Opportunity and how it can Elevate your Self-Worth. You will learn how every Opportunity fits with our values and principles and stay Committed to elevating your Self-Worth.

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