Food For The Holidays

Today, we are going to help bring back the Joy of Moms who have been stressing over their next big holiday dinner. Joy of Mom and URTFC have partnered up to make this happen. Together, we have 2.4 million amazing people and the charity system to properly allocate the funds to those moms and families in need.

20% of families say they can’t buy food for their families. The number is higher for holiday meals. Holidays are some of the hardest times for those in need. They juggle food, gifts, stress, and much more. Together, we can at least help with the food part.

1 In 5 Mothers Can't Feed Their Kids

We want to raise $1 million. If 20% of our group is in need that means 480,000 members of our family are stressing out right now. It will cost $50 to buy a meal that feeds 8. Let’s raise as much as we can, so we can help as many of our families as we can.

Donating is what we need the most. You can make 1-time donations or set up a recurring donation so you know you are already helping for our next philanthropic mission. On top of donating, please follow all the social media at the bottom of the website. Having more followers will assist us in getting more sponsors for the next campaign. Last thing, please share the campaign, write why you are helping, and why others should help too. Make a video for the campaign, tag @JOM and @URTFC on IG.

Purchase our exclusive Joy of Mom merch at full price and we profit 56% on it or use code URTFC50 or URTFC25 so we break even after shipping and you are helping raise awareness. You will look amazing on some social media posts tagging us. Here’s our Apparel Shop link.

Join our lives all month and invite others to join.

Be sure if you need help to visit our Help Request page. Put in your name, number, email, and in the Opportunity put “Joy of Mom’s Food for Thanksgiving.” Then write a description if you want to, but it’s not needed.


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