Welcome to the URTFC Water Cup Inequality Challenge!

Do you want to help create a future with no racial, income, and opportunity inequalities?

We’re elevating Self-Worth in everyone to battle the racial, income, and opportunity inequalities. We’re also tackling the negative mental health increase due to COVID-19.

If you want to end racism and inequalities, participate in URTFC’s Inequality Water Cup Charity Challenge!


  1. Introduce yourself and say “my name is……. and I am doing the URTFC inequality challenge”
  2. Show your 3 donation amounts and your 3 tasks you will do to stand up for equality.
  3. Pick a way to randomly choose your donation and task. (keep it fun)
  4. Challenge 3 or more people. “I am going to challenge these people to stand up for equality and so they know I am serious I must pour a cup of water on my head” (can use a cup or any other way of getting water on you)
  5. Post your video on TikTok and use #inequaltychallenge and tag URTFC_
  6. Make your donation on urtfc.org
  7. Post on your IG story use #inequaltychallenge and tag @URTFC
  8. Post your video on your IG post, screencap of your donation first, your video, and if you want to talk about equality in your own words on a 10+ second ig video. (so 3 things on your IG post.
  9. Tag who you challenge on IG and TikTok
  10. Please remember, follow our social media, have fun, don’t donate more than you can, and be safe.
Group of Influencers taking on inequality with URTFC
More Influencers rising to the challenge for URTFC
Rising up to meet the URTFC Inequality Challenge