Frequently Asked Questions

What does URTFC do?

We elevate positive Self-Worth in all to reduce or eliminate all the world’s problems. This is done with Opportunities, Education, and instilling Commitment.

What is Self-Worth?

Self-Worth is 2 parts:

  1. Knowing U matter. and how much U matter.
  2. Your internal drive to become the best version of yourself.

Everyone has Self-Worth. It ranges from negative to positive and from low to high.

Self-Worth is the most important factor in life, and it affects everything.

What does becoming the best version of yourself mean?

Becoming the best version of yourself is knowing your full potential and reaching it while assisting others to achieve their best versions.

How does URTFC elevate Self-Worth?

By using our innovative Self-Worth elevating program.

After years and millions of hours of combined research, URTFC found that the most effective way to elevate Self-Worth is to provide Opportunities, Education, and instill Commitment.

Does URTFC only help children?

Everyone has some influence over everyone. To get the best results in lasting and effective assistance for a child, you must also assist everyone who has an influence in the child’s life.

URTFC is 100% inclusive. We use an innovative program that has over 98% success in direct results which will, in turn, provide indirect results.

What does it mean to become a URTFC Gardener?

Becoming a URTFC Gardener means you are helping us with our mission. So, if you assist us with providing Opportunities, (funding, in-kind items, etc.) Education, (Mentoring, counseling, motivation, etc.) or instilling Commitment, then you are a URTFC Gardener.

Becoming a URTFC Gardener means you are going to help grow beautiful gardens full of others who will become gardeners.

Are there any more Self-Worth boxes?

As of August 1, 2020, due to the increased cost in shipping and production, we had to put a hold on the Self-Worth boxes. We plan to partner with some new organizations to start producing more.

Stay tuned, we hope to start getting these out again ASAP.

How can I help?

URTFC needs you to assist in the creation of a future this world deserves for everyone.

We are 100% open to any positive way you want to help. If it can positively elevate the Self-Worth in people, we can do it.

Setting up a recurring donation and following our social media is super important to our growth.

If I can't donate money or volunteer, how can I help?

Follow all our social media below. Like, Share, Comment, and tag us when you can.

Do fundraisers for us through social media.

We appreciate all that you do. Remember, we are in this together and together we will create a future this world deserves for all.

What else does URTFC do?

Besides Everything? We look to find more people with different Imaginations who can come up with new ways to create a future this world deserves for all.

How do I get URTFC to be our fiscal sponsor?

If you do not have a 501(c)3 non-profit, but you want us to be a fiscal sponsor for your program. Email us at

If you are a 501(c)3 and want to team up for fundraising and/or URTFC to be your fiscal sponsor, email us at

How do I choose where my donation goes?

If you want to donate to a specific cause, go to that cause’s blog and it will have a PayPal link for that cause.

Or you can donate on any link, and in the notes, type the cause(s) that are important to you.

We are already working with other non-profits, why should we work with URTFC?

URTFC is the future. We are effective. We also work with other non-profits.

What should I do if an organization isn't working with URTFC?

URTFC is inclusive and desires to work with every organization. If you have an organization in mind, please use this as an organization outreach volunteer opportunity, and have them contact us at

Is URTFC based anywhere other than the USA?

Not Yet. Hopefully soon, because we need the whole world working together to create an amazing future for all.

URTFC firmly believes that our mission will elevate the entire world’s Self-Worth. Even though we are only directly helping in the USA for now, we strive to instill a high sense of Self-Worth and compassion in those we help. We believe the rest of the world will be indirectly influenced by our mission.

We plan on being international in 2022.

How is URTFC different?

URTFC is different because we consciously focus on elevating Self-Worth as our mission.

We elevate Self-Worth through Opportunities, Education, and Commitment. This program creates effective change in all and reduces or eliminates all the negatives in the world. URTFC is different because we’re 100%inclusive. We focus on working with everyone to elevate their Self-Worth because “It takes a village to raise a child.”

U R The Future Charity makes sure every activity we are involved in focuses on our values and principles.

“Teach a person to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.”

Can we get our donation back for any reason?

Yes. You have 3 days to send an email to requesting your donation back. After 3 days, your donation will have already helped create a brighter future.

How does URTFC keep my information safe?

We care about your safety. That is why we are a verified Charity through PayPal, Facebook, and Instagram. If you donate through any of those, they are known for keeping billions of people’s information safe.

How much of what I donate goes to your mission?

80% goes to our direct mission and 20% goes to marketing. Our marketing though is also part of our mission, we elevate the Self-Worth in influencers by compensating them to assist in marketing. They give us insane discounts because they love our mission and only take compensation so they are better suited to help more. So 100% goes to our mission.