Frequently Asked Questions

To complete my taxes, what is URTFC's mailing address and Tax ID?

U R The Future Charity
401 West Orangewood Ave. Suite P204
Anaheim, CA 92802

Tax ID: 47-2024054

What does URTFC do?

What we do starts with U.

We assist U in becoming the best version of yourself.

We do this by elevating your Self-Worth, which is the most important part of U.

We do this for everyone.

What does becoming the best version of yourself mean?

Becoming the best version of yourself is knowing your full potential and reaching it while assisting others to achieve their best versions.

What is Self-Worth?

Self-Worth is 2 parts:

1 is knowing U matter and how much U matter.

2 is your internal drive to achieve the quality of life U want.

Everyone has Self-Worth. It ranges from negative to positive and from low to high.

URTFC elevates Self-Worth in a positive way.

Self-Worth is the most important factor in your life.

How does URTFC elevate Self-Worth?

By using our innovative Self-Worth elevating program.

After 6 years and over 1 million hours of combined research, URTFC found that the most effective way to elevate Self-Worth is to provide Opportunities, Education and instill Commitment to achieve a better Quality of Life.

Does URTFC only help children?

Everyone has some influence over everyone. To get the best results in a lasting and effective assistance for a child, you must also assist everyone that has an influence in the child’s life.

URTFC is 100% inclusive. We use an innovative program that will have 100% success in direct results which will, in turn, provide indirect results.

What does it mean to become a URTFC Superhero?

Becoming a URTFC Superhero means you are consciously focused on becoming the best version of yourself for U, UR FAMILY, UR COMMUNITY, AND UR FUTURE!

It also means doing everything you can to assist URTFC in assisting others in becoming the best versions of themselves they can be.

Set up your recurring donation here https://u-r-the-future-charity.secured.atpay.com.

Can we opt out of receiving the Self-Worth Box?

Becoming a URTFC Superhero means you are consciously focused on becoming the best version of yourself for U, UR FAMILY, UR COMMUNITY, AND UR FUTURE!

You can receive your box so that you can give it to a person you choose, or you can email us to request that we give it to another person.

How can I help?

URTFC needs you to assist in the creation of a future this world deserves for everyone.

We need you to participate in Hour of Change so we can start assisting U personally in elevating UR Self-Worth. Read more about the Hour of Change by clicking HERE or set up your donation HERE.

On top of Hour of Change, we need you to personally advocate us to your closest friends and family. People are the reflection of the closest 5 people in their life. Your friends and loved ones are the reflections of U. LET’S MAKE SURE U AND THEY ARE THE BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES.

We also suggest advocating us to people at places you frequent such as work, school, church, or anywhere else you go.

We are 100% open to any positive way you want to help. If it can positively elevate the Self-Worth in people, we can do it.

If I can't donate money or volunteer, how can I help?

Please subscribe / follow our social media accounts. Additionally, please take a moment to advocate URTFC’s social media to your friends and family. Install all URTFC apps, and fully advocate U R The Future Charity.

Click the links below, and they will open in new browser windows so you can easily return to this page:


What else does URTFC do?

URTFC has no limits on what we can do. We can do anything positive you imagine.
If it elevates peoples’ Self-Worth, URTFC can do it.

At this time, our main focus is to send a Self-Worth box to all participants.

With the help of some amazing partners, we are also able to send a URTFC DRAGON, AND SUPERHERO CAPE in your name every month to a person in need of elevated Self-Worth.

URTFC is also Working with a lot of other non-profits as a Fiscal Sponsor.

Our other focus is to give all participants our “URTFC COMMITMENT ESSAY.” Email us at [email protected] to get yours.

On top of those 2 things, we can work with any organization and put together mutual Opportunities.

How do I get URTFC to be our fiscal sponsor?

If you do not have a 501(c)3 non-profit, but you want us to be a fiscal sponsor for your program. Email us at [email protected].

If you are a 501(c)3 and want to team for fundraising and or URTFC be your fiscal sponsor, email us at [email protected].

How do I choose where my donation goes?

Set up your recurring donation HERE.

Afterwards, U get a welcome email with all the information you need to choose where your donation goes, as well as additional information.

We are already working with other non-profits, why should we work with URTFC?

URTFC needs your support and wants to work with your other non-profits. Together, we can create the brightest future possible.

What should I do if an organization isn't working wtih URTFC?

URTFC is inclusive and desires to work with every organization. If you have an organization in mind, please use this as an organization outreach volunteer opportunity, and have them contact us at [email protected].

Is URTFC based anywhere other than the USA?

URTFC is only based in the USA for now. If you want to volunteer or receive year-end tax statements, you must also be in the US.

URTFC firmly believes that our mission will elevate the entire world’s Self-Worth. Even though we are only directly helping in the USA for now, we strive to instill a high sense of Self-Worth and compassion in those we help. We believe the rest of the world will be indirectly influenced by our mission.

We plan on being international in 2020.

How is URTFC different?

URTFC is different because we consciously focus on elevating Self-Worth as our mission.

We elevate Self-Worth through Opportunities, Education, and Commitment to assist our participants in achieving the Quality of Life they deserve.

URTFC is different because we’re inclusive. We focus on working with everyone to elevate their Self-Worth because “It takes a village to raise a child.”

U R The Future Charity makes sure every activity we are involved in focuses on our values and principles.

“Teach a person to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.”

Can we get our donation back for any reason?

Yes. You have 3 days to send an email to [email protected] requesting your donation back. After 3 days, your donation will have already helped create a brighter future.

How does URTFC keep my information safe?

We care about your safety.

We trust @Pay with all our personal info. Please check out their security page HERE if you are interested in learning about how they keep your personal information safe.