About Us

“To create a future this world deserves for everyone.” – URTFC.org

U R The Future Charity (URTFC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our Tax ID is 47-2024054.

URTFC corrects the root of every problem, (Negative Self-Worth) with our innovative Positive Self-Worth elevation program. When you have a high positive Self-Worth, you do not do bad things.

URTFC started a nationwide movement to elevate the Self-Worth in everyone. We will continue to do this by being 100% inclusive. We are positively elevating the Self-Worth in everyone involved with our mission through Opportunities, Education, and Commitment.

URTFC shows our Gardeners (Philanthropists, and Businesses) and Gardens (Future Gardeners) that anything is possible if we work together. With the help of URTFC Gardens and Gardeners, we are bringing the world back to a “Work Together” mentality instead of a “them or me” mentality.

URTFC is inclusive and so is our future! Our work targets everyone because everyone is part of our future. We work with all ages, races, sexes, and industries. We believe everyone has an influence on our children and our future.

The only way to make sure our future is a success, is to make sure we elevate Self-Worth in everyone because “It takes a village to raise a child.” We also “Teach people to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.”

If you believe you matter to our future, URTFC implores you to immediately take action and become a proud partner, sponsor, and friend.

Our Mission Statement

U R The Future Charity’s mission statement includes our 5 values and 2 principles:

URTFC elevates Self-Worth in everyone because “It takes a village to raise a child.” We have to be inclusive so we will be the most effective non-profit organization and provide the greatest possible future for everyone.

We do this by giving Opportunities to our participants, and then by Educating them on the Opportunities. Once a person has an Opportunity and is Educated, we will instill Commitment, overall providing participants with the tools they need to achieve the Quality of Life they deserve. This process is also known as “teach a person how to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.”

Organizational Timeline

Founded in 2011, U R The Future Charity (URTFC) was created by, and based on the life of, Aaron King to be a nationwide movement aimed at elevating Self-Worth in everyone. With an original concept to Positively elevate Self-Worth as the answer to the root problem, (Negative low Self-Worth) through Opportunities, Education and Commitment to create a Work Together world.


URTFC welcomed our 3 additional co-founders.

Stacey Marina co-founded URTFC as our Executive Director. Stacey utilizes her exceptional work ethic, business experience, and people skills to coordinate events and meetings to make sure URTFC runs as smoothly as possible.

Azariah King is a co-founder and elevates URTFC’s values and principles as our Executive V.P. Azariah, with his 4 college degrees, and his Summa Cum Laude status, utilizes his extraordinary brilliance to elevate how URTFC incorporates its values and principles into all things associated with U R The Future Charity.

We brought in Norman Benoit to co-found and provide his analytical viewpoints to URTFC as our Senior Council. Norman, with his psychology background, has elevated our knowledge and research into the root of all problems to achieve his goal in being a part of the most effective non-profit for our future.


Our website URTFC.org was created by an extraordinary member of our team, Glendon Guttenfelder. The designs were created by another extraordinary member of our team Stephen Burroughs.


URTFC welcomed 2 additional board members. Because of their extensive background, amazing resume, and experience they were welcomed to our team. Read more about their accomplishments in their bio page.

Bringing in Dr. Keva Hibbert and Dr. John Morrow.


After four years of research, our program to elevate the Self-Worth in everyone was created. URTFC will do this by being inclusive since “It takes a village to raise a child.” URTFC will work with everyone. URTFC will elevate the Self-Worth in everyone involved with our mission through Opportunities, Education, and Commitment, overall providing everyone the tools they need to achieve the Quality of Life they deserve, also known as “Teach a person to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.”

U R The Future Charity finalized our “URTFC Commitment Essay”. This is the most important part of our program. Commitment to the Opportunities and Education received is the most vital part of becoming the best version of yourself! Our innovative “URTFC Commitment Essay” is a revolutionary item that everyone wanting the best for our future should complete.

Four years after the vision of U R The Future Charity was put into action, the IRS accepted URTFC as an official 501(C)(3). URTFC received no limits, meaning there are no limitations on what we can do to elevate the Self-Worth in everyone.


URTFC started giving Self-Worth Seminars to schools, businesses, sports teams, foster homes, prisons, gang families, other non-profits, and every other organization we have been able to get in contact with. These are 10-60 minute discussions that instill our values and principles. Contact us to visit your organization.


URTFC created a call to action with the help of one of the leading organizations in text-2-give and website giving, @Pay. URTFC and @Pay teamed up to bring the Hour of Change to all Gardeners of our future.

URTFC implemented the “URTFC Self-Worth Box” program. All participants in “Hour of Change” will receive a Self-Worth Box.

U R The Future Charity started reaching out to potential Gardens so we could execute our program. With the help of some amazing partners, URTFC could give a Self-Worth Box and match the recurring donation to give out a URTFC Stuffed Dragon and a URTFC SuperHero Cape every month in the donor’s name to people that need their Self-Worth elevated in a positive way.


URTFC Created 30 new programs and helped a record 100,000 people.

URTFC was donated a Lincoln Navigator to help battle Drunk Driving, Assault, and advocate for safely having fun in the nightlife scene.

URTFC partnered with DMX to assist inner cities through music and other innovative Self-Worth ideas.


URTFC got on social media.

U R The Future Charity partnered with the top influencers in the world to start influencing for the future. We had over 1 billion imprints on social media.

URTFC formed an Ambassador program for Influencers that want to help influence for good.


We spent the first 6 months creating a Program that will launch at the end of the year. We estimated it to help 60-100 million people before 2021 is over.

U R The Future Charity partnered with Forcer.ly social media as their only philanthropic charity.

URTFC launched the #Inequalitychallenge and received more than 50 million imprints in under a week.

URTFC updated their Charity board to 11 people and added names coming soon.