UR Self-Worth Seminar

Our goal is to elevate UR Self-Worth. We will accomplish that by instilling the URTFC values and principles U need to become the best version of yourself. We will go over what Self-Worth is, how we elevate Self-Worth, and our other values and principles. We are condensing our 1-hour seminar into 10 minutes. U can email me comments or questions after U read this at aaron@urtfc.org. Title the email “UR name HOC.”

What is Self-Worth? (Take a second before reading on and ask yourself what Self-Worth is to U)

Self-Worth is the most important aspect of everyone’s lives. Self-Worth is UR core and foundation. It is the main influence on UR Quality of Life. Self-Worth can best be explained in 2 parts.

The first part of Self-Worth is for U to know “U MATTER!” (Do U believe U Matter?)

There are 10 ways in which U matter and most people don’t even know 3.

(Take a minute and tell yourself every way U believe U matter)

10 Ways U Matter

1. U Matter | U R The Only Person Who Can Be U
2. U R Valuable | U Have Purpose, U R Important
3. U Love Others | U R Capable Of Loving And Being Loved
4. U Provide Happiness | U Can Provide Happiness And Joy
5. U Inspire | U Can Help And Inspire Others
6. U Create Life Lessons | U Can Turn UR Challenges Into Life Lessons
7. U Teach UR Passion | Teach Others UR Skill Set
8. U Set An Example | U Can Set A Good And Positive Example
9. U R Passionate and Determined | U Can Show Others That Anything Is Possible
10. U R A Leader | Influence Others To Achieve Their Own Greatness

Each of these ways is super powerful and something U have within U, so we want to make sure U understand how much U Matter.

The second part of Self-Worth is the internal drive within U. (Take a moment to remember each goal U had for yourself. What did that feel like?) Did U go out and achieve that goal? Did U try? Did U not achieve UR goal? Are U still driving to UR goal? Each of these answers can be associated with how strong UR internal drive was – that feeling U get when U see the Quality of Life U should have. Or when U meet that special person and U want to be the best version of yourself for them. Or when U see a magazine with really fit people so UR internal drive gets U to the gym. It is that fire inside that knows the Quality of Life U deserve and the type of person U can become. It is the driving force to make U the best version of yourself. My internal drive led me to create what will become the most effective non-profit organization in the world.

That is Self-Worth! Everyone has a Self-Worth. The difference is a difference in positive or negative, very low to very high Self-Worth. U can be a very low level bad guy all the way to the best bad guy. U can be a great person with low goals, all the way to being a great person and helping the world.

URTFC has 1 mission – to positively elevate everyone’s Self-Worth.

(Take a minute and ask yourself what makes a person’s character? What makes U, U?)

It’s UR values and principles. It’s what U believe in. It’s having UR actions represent what U believe in.

URTFC Values

● SELF-WORTH is the foundation used to build amazing people. We believe it is the most important value in the world, and we have also proved that with our 100% success rate in our program.
● OPPORTUNITIES, EDUCATION, and COMMITMENT. Everybody receives Opportunities, we just believe in providing positive ones. Everybody receives Education, we just believe in providing positive education such as what we are doing right now. Not everyone Commits. (Do U believe U can become the best version of yourself without Committing to UR Opportunities or UR Education?)

The most important part of our program is our Commitment Essay. U R not just proving UR Commitment to URTFC. U R Committing to yourself, to UR family, to UR community, and to UR future to be a better U!

● QUALITY OF LIFE. (Do U believe if U follow each of these, U will get the Quality of Life U deserve?)

URTFC Principles

● “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD.” This is one of the oldest sayings and practices. In the old days in an actual village, everyone influenced the growth of a child. That’s the same today. We all have an influence on everyone we encounter every day so, if we apply the correct values in every interaction, U R “raising” (building) a better future for all. If we all work together instead of a just looking out for ourselves, we can achieve a better future for everyone.

Here is an example. Can URTFC be as amazing as it is with just me? Or without all participants? No, I need a team, and I need U. When U played sports as a child, U learned there is no I in team. That was a saying that alone U will not win, but as a team, U have the best chance of success. The Education U receive growing up should stay with U forever. This principle U learn in sports needs to be applied to life.

● “TEACH A PERSON TO FISH, SO THEY CAN PROVIDE FOR THEMSELVES AND OTHERS.” Help others help themselves is so powerful because it is a lasting effect. We choose to give U the Opportunities, the Education, and instill the Commitment U need to achieve the Quality of life U deserve. With this, U can assist URself, UR FAMILY, UR COMMUNITY, AND UR FUTURE!

Imagine if everyone worked together and had the best positive values and principles. Imagine if everyone influenced everyone with positive Opportunities, Education, and Commitment. Imagine the Quality of Life U would have. Imagine the future this world will have.

Elevating UR Self-Worth is our mission & U R THE FUTURE!

Hour Of Change

Hour of Change is the first official program of U R The Future Charity. We are very proud after 6 years of research and helping other organizations to have our very first program. Our goal for Hour of Change is to provide a simple way for people to start participating with URTFC. We ask for you to donate 1 hour of your time in the form of a financial donation. While supplies last, we’ll give you a $100 Self-Worth gift box filled with amazing items for you to have and use every day to consciously focus on positively elevating your own Self-Worth. We also give out 1 stuffed URTFC Dragon and 1 Superhero Cape for every recurring donation we have.

Donating provides amazing personal benefits. Donating activates the reward center in UR brain, releasing a surge of dopamine and endorphins, resulting in feeling happy and reducing stress. U have a say in where part of UR taxes go through UR donations. Once U find a cause to believe in, U can start volunteering time. Volunteering will deliver more benefits. U improve key measurements in health, increase UR community standing, gain more like-minded friends, improve life satisfaction, and much more.

That seems like a lot, but the benefits to others are equally as rewarding. The people UR organization is helping with UR donations receive all the same benefits U did. U R The Future Charity is 100% inclusive and assists everyone. Here are a few examples of whom we’ll be working with: all children, including foster kids, at-risk youth, and honor students; gang families; parents; teachers; business owners of every industry and their teams; all government workers; and everyone else. URTFC promises to be inclusive and work with everyone because everyone is our future. What’s even greater is that URTFC donors have a say in what they want to see accomplished.

There are 3 types of donors – Corporations, Foundations, and Individuals. Individuals make up over 70% of all charitable contributions. Everyone is different, we cannot all donate in the same way. Some people can give money, some can give time, and some can do both. Some can do a lot, some a little. No matter what or how much U do, just the fact U are doing anything is assisting in creating a future this world deserves for everyone.

Full-time work is about 176 hours a month. What if I told U that participating in Hour of Change would guarantee U a brighter future? What if I also told U it will guarantee a brighter future for UR family? For UR community – U know the people that have an influence over U and UR family? And the world’s future for everyone? Would U donate 1 of those 176 hours every month?

URTFC has a call to action – the Hour of Change. We challenge U to donate 1/176 of UR monthly pay (Or whatever U R comfortable with). Please set up UR hourly pay or UR chosen donation through our PayPal link.

U R The Future Charity is inclusive and so is our future! URTFC’s work starts with everyone because everyone is our future. We work with all ages, races, sexes, and industries. URTFC believes everyone has an influence on our children and our future. The only way to make sure our future is a success is to make sure we elevate Self-Worth in everyone, also known as “It takes a village to raise a child.” However, we’ve fallen away from this kind of community and turned into a “them or me” way of existing. Together, we will turn back into a “Work Together” world. We also need to “Teach people to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.” If U believe U matter to our future, URTFC Needs U to immediately take action.

UR donation makes U a URTFC Community Superhero. While supplies last, U will receive a $100 Self-Worth box and we’ll provide a URTFC superhero cape and URTFC custom stuffed dragon to a person in need every month in UR name.

Please challenge friends and family to participate in the “Hour of Change” as well.
U R The Future!