Hour Of Change

Circle of Donations

WE NEED YOU TO BECOME A COMMUNITY SUPERHERO by setting up your Hour of Change. Most people, on average, work about 176 hours a month. Even if you work more or less than that, we ask that you donate ONE of those hours as a recurring donation.

Some people prefer to donate less than their hourly income for a number of reasons, and some prefer to donate more. URTFC’s Hour of Change call to action is just the suggested amount. No matter the amount of your donation, you are a URTFC Superhero. Want to make a change?

To make your donation, click the donate button on URTFC.org.

You can also click on this link.

Be sure to click the button marked “Monthly”. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt each month via email.

Your donation gets you a $100 Self-Worth Box with over a dozen amazing items to remind you daily that you matter. Your donation also provides 12 dragons and 12 superhero capes a year to people who need their Self-Worth elevated. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law. We use every penny to create a future this world deserves for everyone.

Donating provides amazing personal benefits. Donating activates the reward center in your brain, releasing a surge of dopamine and endorphins, resulting in feeling happy and reducing stress. You have a say in where part of your taxes go through your donations. Once you find a cause to believe in, you can start volunteering time. Volunteering will deliver more benefits. You improve key measurements in health, increase your community standing, gain more like-minded friends, improve life satisfaction, and much, much more. Plus all the people we assist receive all the same effects.

We care about your safety. Please check out PayPal’s security page if you’re interested in learning about how PayPal helps us keep your personal information safe.

What’s Next?

You just set up your Hour of Change and now you want to know exactly what that means. Or maybe you are a business and became a Proud Partner, Sponsor, and Friend and want to know exactly what that means. Let us share the details.

  1. You become a Community Superhero and are now assisting us in the creation of a future this world deserves for everyone.
  2. Your Hour of Change recurring donation comes to URTFC. Our corporate team prepares a custom “Self-Worth Seminar” for you while our warehouse team packs your $100 “Self-Worth Box.” These items are sent to you.
  3. URTFC sends you a survey to find out exactly how you want your donation used.
  4. URTFC takes your donation and puts them where they need to go. We pay for the Self-Worth Boxes and shipping fees.
  5. Self-Worth Boxes are sent to all participants.
  6. All remaining funds are then put into a mixture of programs, anything that positively elevates Self-Worth. We use the information from your survey and the information we are given from organizations to determine what programs we fund. URTFC also has an internal program to grow our organization and roll out new exciting Self-Worth elevating ideas, such as the Self-Worth Box.
  7. URTFC takes the last of the funds and works closely with local smaller non-profits that are doing amazing things. We help elevate their missions.

What Else?


URTFC has partnered with some amazing people and companies to help match your Hour of Change. Every month your recurring donation provides 1 stuffed Dragon and 1 Super Hero Cape to a person in need. This can go to our young people who are battling ailments in the hospital and need a dragon to cuddle with or want a Super Hero Cape to get that extra boost of morale and super powers. However, hospitals are not the only place with people in need of elevated Self-Worth. Your donations will go to foster homes, schools, to gang families, teachers, coaches, business owners, and too many other groups. URTFC has no limits and is always pushing the status quo to make sure everyone is getting an elevated Self-Worth.

We are often asked if the funds only go to youth? That would sound good, however, the effects of only focusing on youth have proven to yield minimal long-term effectiveness.

One of our 2 principles is “It takes a village to raise a child.” The reason for this is everyone has an influence over the Self-Worth of another person.

A typical person spends 2-3 hours a day with family. 4-6 hours with friends. 4-6 hours with peers. And 4-6 hours with people in power (teachers, coaches, bosses, mentors, etc.). Using these numbers, URTFC came to the conclusion that the best form of action would be to assist everyone in becoming the best version of themselves.

EXAMPLE: A child wakes up and has breakfast with his/her family for 1 hour. Then they go off to school. They are with friends, peers, and people in power for 7 hours. After school, they go to practice and is with friends, peers, and people in power for 2 hours. They go back home and have dinner with their family for 1 hour. They are influenced by social media again for 1-2 hours. They maybe have 1 more hour of family time before bed. With this scenario, URTFC concluded that to best assist the child, we needed to make sure we assist everyone who can influence the child.