U R The Future Charity encourages volunteering. Volunteering directly emphasizes our mission, because volunteering is an Opportunity for you to elevate your Self-Worth. URTFC will have Opportunities such as, but not limited to, advocating URTFC through all social media, downloading URTFC apps, attending URTFC events, and organization outreach. Volunteering with URTFC benefits you by but not limited to, helping a good cause, putting an extra item on your resume, networking, and receiving new Opportunities. Through volunteering, you gain better mental health, make new contacts, positively stay active, help mold the future yoUR family, yoUR community, and yoUR future deserves, plus much more.

Show how you’re a community super hero by posting all your volunteer adventures on social media, and tag U R The Future Charity and other organizations you’re working with.

U R The Future Charity has plenty of volunteer opportunities. All you need to do is email us at volunteer@urtfc.org, and tell us you want to volunteer. If you have a personal idea you want to do email us the following:

  1. Your name, number, address
  2. what you plan to do for your volunteer services
  3. your requests from us to volunteer
  4. your reasons for volunteering
  5. and the dates and times you want.

If approved, we will send you an acceptance letter on our official letterhead.