Frequently Asked Questions

To Complete My Taxes, What is URTFC’s Mailing Address And Tax ID?
The mailing address and tax ID for URTFC is:

U R The Future Charity
1994 1st Street A Suite 130
Moline, IL 61265

Tax ID: 47-2024054
What Is URTFC’s Definition Of Self-Worth?
Knowing that U Matter! Your internal drive to become the best version of yourself.
How Is URTFC Different?
URTFC is different because we consciously focus on elevating Self-Worth as our mission. We elevate Self-Worth through Opportunities, Education, and Commitment in order to assist our participants in achieving the Quality of Life they deserve.URTFC is different because we’re inclusive. URTFC focuses on working with everyone to elevate their Self-Worth because, “It takes a village to raise a child.U R The Future Charity makes sure every activity we are involved in focuses on URTFC values and principles, “Teach a person to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.
Can We Get Our Donation Back For Any Reason?
Yes. You have 30 days to send an email to requesting your donation back.After 30 days, your donation will have already helped create a brighter future.
If I Can’t Donate Money Or Volunteer, How Can I Help?
Please subscribe to our YouTube, follow our Twitter, and like our Facebook. Additionally, please take a moment to advocate URTFC’s social media to your friends and family, install all URTFC apps, and fully advocate U R The Future Charity.
When Will URTFC Apps Be Available?
Tentatively March 2016 for these amazing apps. Please follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay informed.
How Does URTFC Plan On Elevating Self-Worth?
With our mission statement and staying true to our values and principles. U R The Future Charity’s mission statement includes our 5 values and 2 principles: URTFC elevates Self-Worth in everyone, also known as “It takes a village to raise a child.” URTFC has to be inclusive so we will be the most effective non-profit and provide the greatest possible future. URTFC does this by giving Opportunities, and then by Educating them on the Opportunities. Once a person has an Opportunity and is Educated, URTFC will instill Commitment, overall providing everyone the tools they need to achieve the Quality of Life they deserve, also known as “teach a person how to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.
How Will URTFC Help Our Future?
URTFC will help our future by instilling what we believe to be the most effective values and principles into everyone.Elevating Self-Worth in a person is the most important thing you can do for them. Working together, we will elevate Self-Worth in everyone. That is the future U R The Future Charity promises to you. Imagine what we can do together if everyone is on the same team.
Is URTFC Based Anywhere Other Than The USA?
U R The Future Charity is only based in the USA for now. If you want to volunteer or receive year-end tax statements, you must also be in the US.U R The Future Charity firmly believes that the URTFC mission will elevate the entire world’s Self-Worth. Even though we are only directly helping in the USA for now, we strive to instill a high sense of Self-Worth and compassion in those we help. We believe the rest of the world will be indirectly influenced by URTFC’s mission.
What Should I Do If An Organization Isn’t Working With URTFC?
URTFC is inclusive and has the desire to work with every organization. If you have an organization in mind, use this as an organization outreach volunteer opportunity and have them contact us at
We’re Already Working With Other Non-Profits, Why Should We Work With URTFC?
URTFC needs you and also wants to work with your other non-profits. Together, we can create the brightest Future possible.