Are U ready to become a pioneer in the creation of a future this world deserves for everyone? Are U ready to let your clients know that U are “Giving Back”? Are U ready to be featured on our innovative, interactive Partner pages?

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  • Perseverance Marketing Firm

    Perseverance is a marketing firm Dedicated to pushing businesses to their goals through innovative marketing plans that increase foot traffic and rake in revenue. At perseverance we’re about creating lasting business relationships and creating a legacy. We’re visionaries at heart. We Partnered with URTFC because like us they wish to create a better world for future generations. Special pricing to all who mention URTFC. We Can, You can & Together we will.

  • Service Professional Network

    “Our primary goal is to bring people that want to make the world a better place together through social media and networking. Together we can make an effective change.” We partnered with URTFC because we believe our thousands of SPN members all want a future this world deserves for everyone.

    Look for us on our LinkedIn group HERE
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  • Dan Verdonck GWT

    Dan Verdonck is an amazing partner with URTFC He is hosting Charity Golf Fundraisers to insure a better future for everyone. Dan is an independent Network Marketing professional whose vision is to help people change their lives and better their Future. To learn more about his organization, and what they have to offer click here. A portion of all designer products purchased, goes to help support URTFC.