Our Mission Statement

U R The Future Charity’s mission statement includes our 5 values and 2 principles: URTFC elevates Self-Worth in everyone, also known as “It takes a village to raise a child.” URTFC has to be inclusive so we will be the most effective non-profit and provide the greatest possible future. URTFC does this by giving Opportunities, and then by Educating them on the Opportunities. Once a person has an Opportunity and is Educated, URTFC will instill Commitment, overall providing everyone the tools they need to achieve the Quality of Life they deserve, also known as “teach a person how to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.

About Our Organization

Founded in 2011, U R The Future Charity (URTFC) was created by and based off the life of Aaron King to elevate Self-Worth in everyone. Aaron King decided to start a nationwide movement based off his life to elevate the Self-Worth in everyone. Seeing how impactful URTFC will be, Aaron King brought in Azariah King to co-found and elevate URTFC as our CEO. Azariah King utilizes his brilliance to elevate how URTFC incorporates its values and principles into all things U R The Future Charity. After 2 years of research, a plan to elevate the Self-Worth in everyone was created. URTFC will do this by being inclusive since “It takes a village to raise a child.” URTFC will work with everyone. URTFC will elevate the Self-Worth in everyone involved with our mission through Opportunities, Education, and Commitment, overall providing everyone the tools they need to achieve the Quality of Life they deserve, also known as “Teach a person to fish, so they can provide for themselves and others.” 4 years after the vision of U R The Future Charity was put into action, the IRS accepted URTFC as an official 501(C)(3).

U R The Future Charity works to help people have better lives by showing them how to work hard to acheive success.

Every day, U R The Future Charity helps communities work together instead of watching individuals help only themselves. URTFC is starting a nationwide movement to create and seek out endless Opportunities for everyone involved with our mission, and to become the bridge that transports people to existing Opportunities. These customized Opportunities can include anything that will elevate Self-Worth. With everyone working together, the Opportunities are limitless. URTFC shows our Gardeners (people), and Gardens (companies) that anything is possible. URTFC will work with our endless advisors to customize the services we provide because people are at different stages in their lives. This intimate approach to serve everyone individually will help to establish the foundation of trust and love that is necessary to accomplish our mission.

URTFC is funded by donations from Gardens and Gardeners who share the same goal of creating the best possible future for everyone. 100% of financial donations and time invested goes towards supporting U R The Future Charity’s mission (elevating Self-Worth), in order to help gain and keep the love, respect, and trust of everyone involved. URTFC is 100% transparent, and any requests for URTFC to use your donations for a specific project or any information on where our donations have went will be met.

Board of Directors
Aaron B. KingPresident, Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board
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When I was young, I always offered to help people in my neighborhood with cleaning their houses, completing yard work, or cleaning pools. I never charged, but I was rewarded by the joy I felt at having helped people. When I was fifteen, I received a scholarship to a private boarding school. This provided me with some of the best opportunities of my life, such as taking vacations and gaining business knowledge from successful entrepreneurs. It was here that I started to gain a higher sense of self-worth.

For a time, I worked at a for-profit business. However, even though I was successful, I was increasingly concerned about the sales tactics the company used. The more I worked there, the more my sense of self-worth diminished because I couldn’t feel good about my job. That’s when I decided to open up five businesses and return to my passion for helping people. I had been given good opportunities, and I decided to “pay it forward” by dedicating my life to helping kids. My girlfriend and I opened an in-home daycare, and we worked with families from all walks of life caring for their kids as if they were our own. However, we felt the need to help on a deeper level, so we became foster parents and worked to rehabilitate troubled youth in our community. Now, I hope to touch lives on a larger scale.

I have a passion for helping children because it is important to instill a strong sense of self-worth at a young age. It is important to teach children, this world’s future, about the importance of commitment and follow through. In addition to working with children, I’m dedicated to helping the community because children need a safe and encouraging environment in which to grow up. There is a saying: “It takes a village to raise a child,” and I hope to build communities into prosperous and supportive environments in which children can thrive.

Azariah T KingCEO and Co-Founder
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I didn’t have many opportunities growing up. I was the oldest child in my family, and I had to mature quickly in order to parent my younger siblings due to our unfortunate circumstances growing up, such as living in our car and staying in a group foster home with my two younger brothers. Yes, my situation can be seen as tragic, but I choose to focus on how it makes me a stronger person and gives me a unique perspective on life. I learned that I was worth more than the places where I lived. When I won the Sprite Basketball Tournaments, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment that proved to me that I could accomplish anything if I focused and found the opportunities.

After high school, I enlisted in the military in order to gain work and leadership skills. I chose to be a Mental Health Specialist because I had a strong desire to help others. I rose to every challenge the military presented, and, best of all, I helped hundreds of our nation’s service members coping with the various stresses of military service. Since leaving the military service, I have been actively involved in raising my children and volunteering in my community. I have worked with various charities, and I’ve coached youth soccer and basketball teams. Now, I wish to help people on a larger scale, which is why my brother and I started this charity. By seeking out opportunities, I’ve been able to better my self-worth and improve my quality of life. For example, I’m currently working through an integrated Bachelor and Masters of Business Administration program at Western Illinois University.

I want to be able to help others seeking to make positive changes in their lives find the opportunities that can help them do so. I chose this as my mission because I want to help people avoid the struggles I overcame. My personal experiences, natural compassion, leadership, determination, and my training – both in school and through the military – help me reach out to those in need and build positive working relationships.

Dr. John A. MorrowBoard Member
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7th Dan – Master Instructor

Morrow’s Academy of Martial Arts

Dr. Keva U. SteadmanBoard Member
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Dr. Keva Steadman is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at Western Illinois University – Quad Cities. Before that, she was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Augustana College in Rock Island, Il. Dr. Steadman received her PhD in Economics at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 2011.

Dr. Steadman is originally from Portmore, Jamaica, which is a small residential community roughly 8 miles outside of Kingston. Starting from humble beginnings, her parents quickly instilled in her the importance of education as a vehicle of upliftment. With the help of scholarships, Dr. Steadman was able to overcome most of the financial challenges associated with getting a good education.

She completed her elementary, high school, and college education in Jamaica. In addition to her PhD, she has a BS in Actuarial Science (Hons), and an MS in Economics from the University of the West Indies.

It is for this reason that Dr. Steadman has joined the board of U R The Future charity organization. She has firsthand experience of how education has improved her standard of living and has improved her self esteem. U R The Future believes that it can provide the tools necessary for improving lives despite the circumstances. Through support for education and building self-worth, U R The Future is making a difference.

Norman F. BenoitBoard Member